What is Daimoku?



This is perhaps the most basic question people would ask about this practice. If you are a Non-Buddhist, the action of chanting Mantra might be foreign to you. In some beliefs, the action of chanting Mantra is the basis of their belief that one is creating a good cause towards advocating the truths. The explanation below is taken directly from Soka Gakkai International (SGI)’s website, the foremost non-profit organization that is protecting this teaching, about the meaning of this mantra:

Nam comes from the Sanskrit namas, meaning to devote or dedicate oneself.

Myo can be translated as mystic or wonderful, and ho means law.

This law is called mystic because it is difficult to comprehend. What exactly makes it difficult to comprehend? It is the wonder of ordinary people, beset by delusion and suffering, awakening to the fundamental law in their own lives and realizing that they are inherently Buddhas able to solve their own problems and those of others.

Renge means lotus blossom.

The lotus flower is pure and fragrant, unsullied by the muddy water in which it grows. Similarly, the beauty and dignity of our humanity is brought forth amidst the sufferings of daily reality.

Further, unlike other plants, the lotus puts forth flowers and fruit at the same time. This illustrates the principle of the simultaneity of cause and effect; we do not have to wait to become someone perfect in the future, we can bring forth the power of the Mystic Law from within our lives at any time.

Kyo literally means sutra and here indicates the Mystic Law likened to a lotus flower, the fundamental law that permeates life and the universe, the eternal truth.

—- http://www.sgi.org/about-us/nam-myoho-renge-kyo.html

The title “Myoho Renge Kyo” is actually the title of the Lotus Sutra, which is expounded by Buddha Gautama (Shakyamuni Buddha) some 2,500 years ago. This is believed to be true, based on the Buddha of the latter day: Nichiren Daishonin that this is the teaching (out of the 8,000 teachings Shakyamuni Buddha has expounded before his passings) to be the only and correct teaching for the Latter Day of the Law. This has historical significance and factual proofs.

The essence of True Buddhism according to Nichiren Daishonin, who has continued this heritage of preaching the true law of Life and Death, is the conviction that:

  • We have within us at each moment the ability to overcome any problem or difficulty that we may encounter in life; a capacity to transform any suffering.

  • Our lives possess this power because they are inseparable from the fundamental law (Which is Myoho Renge Kyo) that underlies the workings of all life and the universe.

The fundamental teaching of the Lotus Sutra is that for all living beings, we have innate within us the life state of Buddhahood, which is the highest state of life. That is equal to that of Shakyamuni Buddha, Many Treasures Buddha, and Nichiren Daishonin himself.

To quote from Nichiren Daishonin’s Gosho (the writings of Nichiren Daishonin where he has encouraged his disciples to continue in faith, I will be inferring a lot from Goshos to provide you with the most accurate information):

The Lotus Sutra is the king of sutras, true and correct in both word and principle. Its words are the ultimate reality, and this reality is the Mystic Law (myōhō). It is called the Mystic Law because it reveals the principle of the mutually inclusive relationship of a single moment of life and all phenomena. That is why this sutra is the wisdom of all Buddhas. – (WND, On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime, p 3)
— http://www.nichirenlibrary.org/en/wnd-1/Content/1 

Based upon Nichiren Daishonin’s conviction:

The truth of all phenomena in life is Myoho Renge Kyo, and innate in our lives is Myoho Renge Kyo. In the eternality of life and death, this is the ultimate law of the Universe. This is the Sutra where all great teachings find inspiration from. 

When one upholds the Lotus Sutra and chants the Daimoku, the Daishonin expounds the great benefits that:

Whether you chant the Buddha’s name (referring to Nam Myoho Renge Kyo), recite the sutra, or merely offer flowers and incense, all your virtuous acts will implant benefits and roots of goodness in your life. With this conviction you should strive in faith. – (WND, On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime, p 4)


It is the same with a Buddha and an ordinary being. When deluded, one is called an ordinary being, but when enlightened, one is called a Buddha. This is similar to a tarnished mirror that will shine like a jewel when polished. A mind now clouded by the illusions of the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but when polished, it is sure tobecome like a clear mirror, reflecting the essential nature of phenomena and the true aspect of reality. Arouse deep faith, and diligently polish your mirror day and night. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. -(WND, On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime, p 4)


I wish for you to put the teachings into practice, and chant earnestly for your happiness.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo




Daimoku is the Truth.


President Ikeda said in ‘The Good Medicine For All Ills”:

“There is nothing but daimoku. Daimoku determines everything. Daimoku has more power than one million guidances, or one million books of philosophy. Chant abundant daimoku and pray to the Gohonzon. Ask the Gohonzon for whatever you need. Everything will come true as you wished and the path for kosen-rufu will open up in front of you. Everything depends on how much daimoku you chant…”

Nichiren Daishonin said in the Gosho “Reply to Kyo’o” :

“Misfortune will change into fortune.
Muster your faith, and pray to this Gohonzon.
Then what is there that cannot be achieved?”

As Nichiren Buddhism Practitioners, our attitude towards our practice is the most important factor when it comes to overcoming our problems and sufferings.

Sincere and determined Prayers is the cause towards our victory.

My name is Phoebe Hsin Yen Mok, and I have been involved in this Buddhism since I was 2 years old. Although not technically a fortune baby, I considered myself very blessed to have found this practice, which is the Highest and Correct Teaching of Shakyumuni Buddha, Many Treasures, and Nichiren Daishonin. (More on that in later posts).

Despite being practically born into this faith, I have many times harbored doubts and disbelief in this practice. And ultimately, have decided to venture out into a journey of Finding out the truth. I have always had a strong seeking mind, at the age of 7 I find myself writing in my Journal: “What is life?”. And that has been my driving force towards studying various subjects such as neuropsychology, past-life regression therapy, philosophy, and history. At one point I have followed various teachers who are well versed in Bazi (a chinese form of fortune telling), meditation, psychic mediums, crystal healing, and have been to Tsinghua University in Beijing China, following a Professor who claims to know the systems of the Universe. I have studied the Christian Bible and parts of the Koran, I have even been to the Church of Scientology, Mormons (Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint), Taoism, and many many others.

My thirst for knowledge and seeking of the truth has been my driving force, because I have always wanted to help people to become happy.

As the old saying goes, the Truth will set you free. At 26, I can finally say with great confidence, that this is the Correct Practice for everyone to become victorious and happy for eternity.

This blog is created with the intention to explain all forms of spiritual and intellectual questions people might have about this practice, and also to share some of the most fantastical benefits and true life stories I have had the good fortune of hearing about. I will like to take this space as a place to open up about my life journey in hope to inspire you to continue chanting this wonderful Mantra.

My greatest wish in this world, is none other for World Peace and the Happiness of All Living Beings.

Nam myoho renge kyo.