Collection of Senior Leader Guidances –



Special Note:

Attached is a simple slideshow on how to practice Nichiren Buddhism to become absolutely happy which I find to be quite meaningful for some readers.

As we come to deepen our faith and getting  are the notes I have taken down  from Seniors SGI Leaders in faith from ALL OVER THE WORLD, about some of the essentials of this practice:

Shakyamuni and Daishonin says one thing is constant: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is the rhythm/vibration of the Universe

The following are timeless guidances that I hope you too can benefit from reading; so that you can follow and practice this Buddhism correctly. Enjoy!

Fundamentals –

Faith is the MOST important!

  1. Chant abundant daimoku (10 thousand daimoku every day, ~3 hours) and do your Gongyo; every morning and evening.
  2. Reach out to those who are truly suffering.
  3. Wholeheartedly devote yourself to the mission you find before you. 



Get Actual Proofs in your Life-> What goes around comes around.
Do Good Causes avoid Evil Causes.

Creating a better life, and conquer your fundamental darkness for yourself through chanting.

“Shakyamuni thoroughly reproached Devadatta’s evil. There is no doubt about that. It is by denouncing evil that we can cause such people to open their eyes. That is because hearing voices resounding with the justice of the Mystic Law has the effect of activating the Buddha nature that lies dormant in an evil person’s heart. But because such a person’s heart is covered with a thick, rocklike crust of ignorance, a weak voice will not reach it. It takes a voice of censure, one that strictly takes evil to task, to break through this hard crust and illuminate the Buddha nature.” (Living Buddhism, June 2003, 37).

Pointers about the Three Presidents of Soka Gakkai 


  • Wrote to his son in law, that no one can escape the law of cause and effect
  • Will travel just to encourage one person (get them to become awaken to their mission)
  • Only through chant and shakubuku, you can transform it.
  • You cannot change the law.
  • He chanted 2 million daimoku and realized he is a Bodhisattva.
  • Chant to fulfill your mission, Gohonzon will arrange for you.


  • While chanting in prison, he find himself in the ceremony in the Air
  • Makes a vow, “Gohonzon, I Josei Toda will vow to achieve Kosen-Rufu”
  • Develop an indestructible Self (FAITH)
    (Any problem you face, you have confidence to overcome it)
  •  Manifest the virtue of the Buddha : Eternality, happiness, purity, and true self
  • In the Lotus Sutra, you are born to enjoy peace and tranquility.
  • Mustn’t have Weak life force; must first strengthen your life force.
  • Actually you are here to be happy! Practice for one self and others.
  • Faith for harmony, faith for happiness, to overcome obstacles
  • In Human Revolution: Every Year bring 10 people to Kaikan, do gongyo, Daimoku.
  • Three Major Life Obstacles:Health/Human Relationships/Finance


  • Sincerity of the heart, home visit 25 people.
  • Only one second, dialogue at every moment.
  • Everything has a true meaning. Gives you an opportunity to do Kosen-Rufu.
  • People chant, they promise to fulfill their mission. Should they never fulfill,their life span does not extend as much.
  • Impatient people want to do things fast, because they want result.
  • You need to have suffering/struggles in order to have happiness.

SSA Senior Leader Samuel

  • After work will rush to Soka Meeting
  •  Able to chant 3 hour daimoku per day.
  • Muster time to create good fortune, chant for others, and contribute.
  • Create lots of good causes. NEVER DOUBT.
  • Chant to: create good causes, teach people about the law, bring good fortune, wisdom, & compassion.
  • Do it to foster the self.
  • Inspired in 2010 by Ikeda Sensei: Be the one who chants the most daimoku
  • Worked in Japanese company through chanting; Learned everything
  • Have the wisdom to learn his upstream and downstream. Responsible not only for himself but others too.
  • Understands that Kosen-Rufu is most important in life.


The last moment is the most important:

  • Now decides the future.
  • Ichinen Sanche (All laws come from Myo, fundamental law of the Universe and your life)
  • Said he has created a lot of negative karma which is why he is going through all these persecution.
  • He used to be a King.
  • Poison Drum relationship (they can still gain enlightenment):
  • We are happy first then we get our prayers answer.
  • Consistent morning & evening chanting & gongyo (2 hour at least )
  • Sending power to the Buddhist Gods, is the nourishment of the Buddhist God
  • Simultaneous of cause and effect: Lotus (Fruit and Flower together), straight away you get the effect.
  • Chanting: Life force, wisdom, boundless good fortune. Try to make offering.
  • Myo: The

Buddhism teaches Sun proves it:

Matter changes form. My life is eternal. Eternity is the same.

Your parents first then you.

Lotus Sutra: Round teaching, Wholesome teaching

  • Everyone is equal, 10×10 factors all the same
  • Practice to Bodhattha; to reveal the law.
  • Myo is all the Buddhas of the 10 directions, cannot explain
  • Chant and then be born into a Soka family.
  • Chant for other people. Teach them compassion.

Myo is Sadama puta sutra (Round Sutra)

Osaka Campaign:

  • Toda taught Mentor-Disciple spirit
  • 7 hundred and 50 thousands household. In 5 years, achieve within time.
  • December 1957, the milestone. Sensei helped Toda to become President. Toda resigned as general director, doesn’t want business to affect the Organization.
  • August 24th 1950: Is where Toda Sensei resign, Ikeda think who will be my mentor, pledge to follow Toda. Ikeda support him all the way. He first chanted, he was a YMD hancho leader, district leader under Omori, part of Kamata achieve 2hundred 1 household. Front line is the most important. (District). Chant hard, then he go and visit one by one.
  • Osaka he did the same thing:


Transform Poison into Medicine:

Mr. Han (35 year)

  • 信心,感恩
  • 体谅,包容,慈悲

25 years ago, Dosho. MD

人间革命 –

  • Chanting, 保持高 life condition


Harassing Members.

Singapore WD Leader  – 

  • Not to say Christianity isn’t good, it is incomplete teaching (no understanding of reincarnation and Karma)
  • All major religions tell people to do good. Create good causes.
  • Washing Machine Analogy



Conspicious and Inconspicious Benefits

Buddha Wisdom different from common wisdom –

Faith substitute wisdom, the Buddhist God will protect you:

  • Find a job: Conspicious benefit
  • Inconspicious Benefit: We pray hard enough we get what we need, not what we wanted.
  • Is it permanent? (experience with member with poor attitude)
  • Practical way vs. Philosophical
  • Normal: Get or don’t get; if don’t get it this time, something better is coming.
  • If you sincerely chanted, you will get something better then you wish for.
  • Philosophical: Kudoku, relieving suffering, clearing negativity.
    Praying for something you want, will give you something good for you.
  • Earthly Desires are Enlightenment: Creating a good cause.
  • Shun Jo Ohno (Musician); homeless chant until have more then he wish for.

Three Obstacles and Four Devils (Shanshoshima)

  • Anything that can potentially cause you to drop faith/threatens you to drop faith.
  • Discourages you or challenges you. In the end it all comes back to you.
  • When overcome, eradicates your bad karma/fundamental darkness. Lessening karmic retribution.
  • Can be your husband, an obstacle to your faith. It is something to strengthen your faith.

Three Powerful Enemies

8 Wind

“Abstract thinking is a tendency of the indian people. Most of them are thinkers, always philosophizing about everything. This tendency makes their attitude towards religions very tolerant to the extent that is a common belief that all religions are the same, aiming at the same ultimate reality. Different religions to them are like different paths to reach the same destination. In order to make a breakthrough in communicating to them, I feel personal contact and showing actual proof have great importance.”

“Socially, the people of India can be divided into 3 classes: the very poor, the very rich, and the middle class. So far, the embers of BSPRS are comprised mostly of the last group, and if is significant in terms of spreading true Buddhism among the people of India. It is because these middle class can be influential to society as a whole, reaching the people of both the poor and rich classes.” – Indian Member (BSG)

  • Can be just telling a person Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, (planting, nurturing, harvesting)
  • Write paper to people to get them to chant.
  • Get them to receive the Gohonzon.

Rissho Ankoku Ron

  • Securing the peace of the land for propagating the true Buddhism.
  • Master the teaching. See their capacity.
  • If your practice correctly you can gain enlightenment.



On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime

  • Mystic Law teaches the relationship between a single moment of life and all phenomena. That is why this sutra is the wisdom of all Buddhas.

The Selection of Time

  • Time is more important than capacity.
  • Mission in the district. Bring out their highest potential, get them promoted. A lot of daimoku they don’t listen.
  • Use more daimoku. Bring the person into your district.
  • Feel happy just by chanting. Get into the rhythm of the law.


Letter to Domyo Zemmon

Conspicious Prayer resulting to Conspicious Benefit

  • Immediate crisis need immediate answer (Protection from Buddhist Gods)

Conspicious Prayer resulting to Inconspicious Benefit

  • Wanting a spouse (takes time to answer); don’t answer immediately.
  • A good career

Inconspicious Prayer resulting to Inconspicious Benefit

  • Purifying your life

Inconspicious Prayer resulting to Conspicious Benefit

  • Unexpected protection. Unexpected benefit.
  • His plane got cancelled, turns out got tsunami.
  • You never pray for but the benefit appear.


As long as your faith is strong, all your wishes will be fulfilled in this lifetime and the next lifetime.


The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of life

The Opening of the Eyes

The Ship to cross the sea of Suffering

  • Toda told Ikeda Sensei to read again and again
  • “The greater the hardship befalls on him, the greater the delight because of his strong faith.”
  • ^The more logs the brisker the fire, problem is people’s fear of failure.
  • Faith to achieve happiness: You are supposed to be happy when you’re born.
  • Due to your weak life force.



Shoten Zenjin

Shoho Jisho

14 Slanders

  • Killing ones father…
  • Killing one’s mother
  • Hurting an arhat
  • Injuring a Buddha
  • Disruption to the Buddhist Order
  • Contempt, grudge, hatred, jealousy towards members in Buddhist Order


  • Protecting Law (Risho Kokuran)
    Second Gosho –We should actualize this
  • Establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the Land.

Consequence of Slandering


Three Poisons
Greed, Anger, Stupidity (Lower life condition)

Three Thousand Realms in a single moment

  • Each moment of life is shifting; the center is the one that is always manifested. Buddhahood.
  • The infinite laws of the Universe all inside the Myoho Renge Kyo.
  • No Buddha is away from this world. You still have to stay within this reality. The Buddha and the 9 worlds are not separated.

10 X10 Worlds/10 factors/Men X Men X Environment/
Example: Haze in Beijing China (pollution)/Climate Change/Earth Quake/Tsunami

  • Everything can change except nature cannot change.
  • You can influence it. Gohonzon becomes your mirror. Gohonzon represents the life in you. The enlightened 10 world by the law.
  • The more you practice the environment keeps improving.

Life Condition

Elevate Life condition to create value in your life

Wisdom (Limitless wisdom)

Boundless good fortune

Strong life force


Human Revolution

  • The change in character of a single person will lead to the change in the society and the entire human kind. Has to start from the person.
  • Over a period of time. Bring up the life state.
  • It is progressive. It does not stay, “last year complaining, this year doesn’t complain anymore.”

Fundamental Darkness

  • Something within you that will always create negativity. Envy, jealousy.
  • Negative part of life. When you are not careful. Negative forces in you.
  • Devil King of 6th Heaven: You have to always work hard because if not your competitor will overtake you.

Incorrect Practice

  • Not concentrated chanting
  • Chanting when tired (old age, TSC)
  • Incorrect pronunciation


Karma (mutable and immutable)/Lightening of Karma Retribution

  • Can chant to extend the life. (Life Span)
  • Chant and you can change both.
  • What you see, but he/she could have died 10 years ago. We don’t know how deep is the person’s karma.
  • If someone abuses you this lifetime, you might have abused him this life. Learn to accept him for who he is and chant for his happiness and enlightenment.
  • Our senses also creates karma.
  • It is the rarest of gems to chant nam myoho renge kyo.
  • 10 Worlds > Even if very rich, someone might be in the world of hell. Buddhahood.
  • In your Youth, just keep working hard to bring members.

Most beneficial to transform Karma

  • Shakubuku (Ikeda Sensei) HL
  • Change Karma to mission: After transform we give people help.
  • We change poison into medicine.
  • Letter to Aikimoto (Volume 7): King Rinda says, firm faith.

What happens after we die? (come back to Earth or someplace else?)

We will reborn in a state where our body will be light.

Shoho Jissho will be good. (The Drum at the Gate of Thunder)


Do we keep chanting until eternity?

What matters is NOW. Do good now.

8 Sufferings

Birth, Ageing, Sickness, Death,
Death of a loved one, Sufferings of meeting an enemy, Sufferings of unable to obtain what one desires, Karma (5 components)
– Overcoming suffering is happiness
– Overcoming self is happiness

Mentor-Disciple Spirit

感应道交, Connection with Toda Sensei, senior leaders in Japan.

  • Chant to understand Sensei
  • Purpose: Without this spirit Buddhism will decline. This is what ensures this practice will continue on.
  • Eternal Mentors.

The SGI vs. Nichiren Shoshu vs. Others

Washing Machine Analogy (nothing wrong with the machine, but the coming out of true colors of each clothing.)

Attaining Buddhahood in Lifetime after Lifetime (This Lifetime also)

*Discard the Shallow and Embrace the Profound*

*World Peace and Happiness of All Living Being*

– How can chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to the Gohonzon achieve that?

– Growth of district/ “Change the karma of the country”


*This Practice is about overcoming your difficulties in life; not ESCAPISM from your daily lives. The belief in an EXTERNAL God is giving away personal responsibilities for your life,your karma, and your power.*

  • Why God create Handicap/retarded/Prime Ministers?

Soka Gakkai gives a fishing rod not a fish

  • Must have faith in your own Buddhahood

“If one understands that one’s life is myo, then one also understands that others’ lives are all entities of the Mystic Law. This realization is the mystic kyo, or sutra.” – Nichiren Daishonin”

We need to chant with the same mind and attitude as the Daishonin. In other words, our chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo–the daimoku–must be based on faith, the spirit to battle fundamental darkness. The daimoku that the Daishonin spread could be described as “fighting daimoku.” (LB, March-April 2006, 75).

If all your prayers get answered instantly, you cannot strengthen your faith.
Your life is more important than 1 million dollars.


Practicing Correct/ Incorrect:

Don’t complete the slander. Don’t slander member.

Every causes you create will affect the family. Everyone in the family.

Treasure of the Heart:

Important thing is life condition must be high: After practice, take everything that happens to you positively.


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